ASUS announces the ROG Dream Gaming Machine global competition

asus rog dream machine 2015

To celebrate the idea of the Dream Machine (not related to NAG’s Dream Machine), ASUS has decided to put together a competition for the workd’s best-looking modded ROG product. Twelve of the world’s best modders will be participating in this event (separate from the other ASUS competition filled with user-submitted mods), but they’re not going to be the ones walking away with prizes – you are. ASUS wants you to vote in their competition and tell them what you think is the best-looking, or best-designed, or most balls-to-the-wall-crazy contraption in the pool of contestants available. Hit the jump for more and to see how you can win…something?

The competition takes place from 30 March to 27 April 2015. The twelve modders selected will be taking the ASUS ROG G20, GR8 or the ROG G751 gaming laptop (yes, the one that packs a G-Sync display even though Nvidia doesn’t want you to know about it yet), and adding a unique flair to the design, or customising it completely.

There will be a global poll on which machine ends up being the most wanted Dream Machine, with the top three most-voted entries declared a Dream Machine (a little spurious on the title, I know, but go with it). Taking part in the poll grants you the chance of walking away with your own ROG G20 with a VG248QE (non-GSync) monitor, a GR8 with a VG278HE gaming monitor or a ROG G751 gaming notebook. The press release from ASUS follows below and there’s a gallery for you to peruse that showcases what the modders have accomplished so far. Each of these designs took about 30 hours worth of work, but the sad part is that if you win one, you’re not walking away with any of these unique designs.

You can enter into the global poll on ASUS’ dedicated website for the competition and you are allowed one vote per day for the duration of the competition.

Press Release

Taipei, Taiwan (30th March, 2015 ) — ASUS Republic of Gamers (ROG) today announced Dream Gaming Machine, a month-long online campaign to identify the finest custom cases for the latest ROG gaming desktops and notebooks. The roster of Dream Gaming Machines were designed and built by world-renowned modders and include unique creations based on the ROG G20 (five builds) and GR8 (five builds) gaming desktops and the G751 (two builds) gaming notebook.

Visitors to the Dream Gaming Machine website are able to vote multiple times to increase their chances of winning, with a maximum of one vote per day, per visitor. The campaign will also include bonus giveaways, triggered each time 10,000 votes are cast. Bonus prizes include the ROG Gladius mouse and Whetstone mouse pad, and will be awarded via a random draw.

ROG invited 12 of the world’s leading modders to France, and challenged each of them create their Dream Gaming Machine in just 30 hours.

Sweet. Now check out the designs below and enter into the poll if you want to win!