April Fool’s roundup: all the worst jokes

Are we having fun yet, APRIL O’ NEIL?

You love April Fool’s? You love April Fool’s. Of course you do; you love co-workers and friends looking infuriatingly smug with smirks abound as everyone ironically celebrates the worst best worstwinkwinknudgenudge day. Is there even an article here? Yes, because it’s past Twelve o’ Not and thank small mercies for it.

But as traditions go, it’s not the worst (at least in gaming), with game developers celebrating in ways that are more parody than sly tricks. I’ve collected some of the best in one handy spot for you to enjoy at your leisure. Or maybe I haven’t? This is totally an April Fool’s roundup of video game pranks. You’ll just have to hit the jump to find out.

The PlayStation Flow

What happens when you twist marketing terms into gameplay mechanics? Introducing PlayStation Flow, where immersion meets submersion for SuperMersion. It’s drowned three Oxford Dictionary editors already. But the water effects are amazing, so it’s probably a fair trade.

WayForward announces “You Are The Winner! Go You!”

Look, I used to play games, but when I became a game writer I lost any will to play anything except fan non-favourites like Evolve (which has seen a 270% increase in players since the release of its latest hunters and Behemoth monster.) WayForward has heard my cries with the announcement of “You Are The Winner! Go You!“, which is a Contra-esque platformer that employs patented “PlayForMe” technology that defeats enemies before they even reach you.


Daigo “Beast” Umehara Leaves Fighting to become Pro Accountant

Daigo is a fighting game icon (no, really, icon is a legitimate word. I don’t care that Watch Dogs ruined it with their “iconic” cap.), probably most famous for his full parry of Justin Wong’s Chun-Li super in 2004. He’s had enough of the pro gaming scene, however, and has decided to ply his skills in accounting, because as he clearly explains, they’re the same thing, really. I now understand why NAG kept telling me that playing games is the same as getting paid (I kid, I kid. I am all the kids.). Check out the official announcement site, it’s really amazing.

Bandai Namco releases Project Morpheus high school tutor tech demo

Haha, just pulling your bell, this is a real thing that actually exists. Yep. Bandai Namco, reminding us that foolishness isn’t just for a day, but merely a core part of the human condition.

Oceanic Pro-League semifinals for League of Legends to be decided by chess match

Following technical difficulties in which the tricaster was coated with “excess” amounts of energy drink — rendering the semi-final location unuseable for the League of Legends tournament —, it was decided that the bracket would be decided by chess. This has caused some consternation with at least one team lodging an official complaint due to Chief’s Derek ‘Raydere’ Trang being a former state chess champion. Ties are to be decided by handball. So basically, we all win.


They also announced the official NURF mode.

What was your “favourite” April Fool’s video game prank? Let us know in the comments.