Giblets: Gigabyte is now the world’s largest motherboard vendor

In the years past, the battle for the world’s biggest and best motherboard brand usually went to ASUS, as they consistently shipped more motherboards per year than any other. Over time, Gigabyte crept up as the #2 vendor and have been coming up ever so slowly behind ASUS, with only tens of millions of shipped units putting ASUS on top. Well, this past quarter, Gigabyte crept over ASUS to take the lead with approximately 4.7 million motherboards shipped, while ASUS trails with 4.5 million. Generally, the brand that takes up the prize for the first quarter tends to win the yearly race as well. Trailing these two by some measure are ASRock and MSI, who together only shipped around 3 million motherboards together. The lower numbers for all vendors are another sign of the PC industry shrinking yet again this year, but analysts expect demand to increase slightly in the second half of 2015 thanks to new product launches in the GPU, CPU and software markets.

Source: Digitimes