Nintendo Direct highlights: Fire Ifs, Fire Xs, fire oh my


Nintendo had their latest Direct yesterday, and among the product update snippets (speed up enemy turns in Project: S.T.E.A.M? Yes please.) were some real doozies. From big Fire Emblem news to a massive boost in the arm to Wii U’s Virtual Console capabilities, Nintendo doesn’t seem to be slowing down even if mention of their new upcoming console, Nintendo NX, was conveniently absent. Would be terrible if players didn’t buy into a platform that might be old news by next year, wouldn’t it?

Hit the jump for the sweet nectar harvested from between the mini-updates and release dates.

First up, Fire Emblem fans get a double dose of joy: first up is a new trailer for Fire Emblem If, the followup to the highly successful Fire Emblem: Awakening that we reported on previously. We’ve got a few more details: players will be forced to choose between two sides — the Nohr and Hoshida — and in Japan they’re doing this in typical Pokemon style by making each storyline a separate game. A third storyline will be available as DLC with a limited bundle edition collecting all three storylines.

That’s not the end of the Fire Emblem news. Shin Megami Tensei X Fire Emblem, the crossover revealed in 2013, finally has a new trailer and gameplay footage. It exists! I can finally stop using that header image of Chrom and Flynn. It’s looking pretty great and as a fan of both games, I’m curious to see how they’ll mix up the two gameplay styles.

The delightfully sinister Fatal Frame series’ latest title, originally a Japanese Wii U exclusive titled Fatal Frame: Oracle of the Sodden Raven, is finally coming to the west. Not the only Japanese-only title to make a showing, though – anime fans will likely be pleased to hear that Attack on Titan: Humanity in Chains is coming in May to the 3DS.

Nintendo will be bringing Nintendo 64 and Nintendo DS titles to the Wii U Virtual Console service, with the first few titles becoming available in this April. Some of the titles include Paper Mario, Donkey Kong 64 and WarioWare Touched. The service will offer a variety of control schemes, with DS titles being able to be played solely on the gamepad or split between the pad and the TV, while Nintendo 64 titles can have their controls remapped as necessary on the gamepad for maximum comfort.

Amiibo continues to bulldoze money into Nintendo’s coffers, and they’re not ready to let go of the controls just yet. They’ve announced a new line of Amiibos which include some Super Smash Bros. figures, a wooly Yoshi Amiibo in three colours and Inklings — a boy, girl and squid version — from the upcoming Splatoon. In addition, Amiibo is getting an Amiibo Greatest Hits title, which will apparently allow users to unlock random 3-minute game snippets from Nintendo’s classic catalogue.


There was a ton of news, really, so I’ve included a link to the Nintendo Direct video (which comes complete with timestamps in the video description to get you to the news you actually care about) here.

Source: Nintendo Direct