Angry Joe delivers final Nintendo rant


Nintendo’s tenuous relationship with video game YouTubers was placed under further strain this past weekend as popular content creator Joe “Angry Joe” Vargas released a video describing his immense frustration with the company’s greedy policies. Following a dispute over a Mario Party 10 video, Vargas chose to remove the content and also declared that he will no longer cover anything related to Nintendo on his channel as a result of Nintendo’s highly controversial “Creators Program“.

While most other companies have attempted to encourage content and integrate with YouTube’s video game community, Nintendo has been extremely tight-fisted in their approach towards the social platform and Vargas’ rant highlights a number of issues that he and other content creators face.

Nintendo’s Creators Program allows YouTubers to release videos with Nintendo games in them, so long as the vast majority of the ad revenue generated by the video is given to Nintendo. In addition, only certain Nintendo games qualify under this program while others – such as Mario Party 10 – require YouTubers to forfeit all ad revenue to Nintendo. Clearly this leaves the video creators in a tough position and seems an unnecessarily greedy move on Nintendo’s part.

In his rant (full video below), Vargas highlights the potential positives Nintendo is overlooking with their restrictive monetization policies: “I hope Nintendo enjoyed the free ad revenue I generated for them, the positive coverage I generated for them,” he says. “I hope they really enjoyed that because after this, that’s the last of the Nintendo videos I do.”

Needless to say many other YouTubers have joined Vargas in expressing their frustration over the situation.

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