Bloodborne too hard? Just leave it running for 12 hours

Bloodborne burning wolf

Bloodborne  is hard! Like, really hard. What did you expect from From Software? Turns out there’s a weird bug of sorts that makes the game easier if you leave the game running for a while.

The oddity was first discovered and shared by Reddit user “meatballz”, who chalked it up to a memory leak issue within the game. Basically, young meatballz decided to marathon the game in one sitting. About 12 hours into his playthrough he noticed boss encounters getting easier and easier. Apparently the bosses’ move sets get smaller the longer the game runs. In some instances the boss fights pretty much bug out, leaving certain of them totally vulnerable to attack.

You can see video proof of this alleged bug in this YouTube clip. For reference, here’s the same boss encounter as it is intended to be. Whether or not this is due to a memory leak is not confirmed as yet. From Software and Sony have yet to officially respond but we’ll update if they do. For now, however, it seems that if Bloodborne is kicking your butt, you can always leave the game running overnight (or even just suspended) to make those boss fights a little less bossy. But then I’m pretty sure you’re doing Bloodborne wrong if you opt for the easy route.

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Source: Reddit
Via: Eurogamer