Listing for a remastered Uncharted Trilogy appears on French website


Well now in all honesty, I’m wondering why this didn’t happen sooner. A French retailer called CeDe has listed Uncharted: The Remastered Trilogy for the PlayStation 4. There’s even a tentative release date of 30 September this year.

This could be a massive hoax. This could be totally legit. There’s no way of telling at the moment. That being said, the timing is pretty good: Uncharted 4 just got delayed to 2016, which gives Sony and Naughty Dog more time to bring new PlayStation owners up to speed via a remastered trilogy of the PlayStation 3 games. The more new fans they generate now, the better Uncharted 4 is going to do.

A remastered and bundled Uncharted collection makes sense, and as we’ve seen in the past with The Last of Us, remastered  games for the PlayStation 4 definitely have their place. For now, however, file this under “R” for “Really, Really, Big Rumour.”

Source: Gameranx