Rumour: Next Guitar Hero is called Guitar Hero Live; features new controller


A French website has leaked (and pulled) the first bits of alleged information regarding Activision’s upcoming Guitar Hero revival. Supposedly called Guitar Hero Live, the new game will be a reboot of sorts and will feature a new guitar peripheral without the traditional coloured buttons found on the previous games’ peripherals. Instead, the new controller will apparently use two rows of black and white buttons.

Additionally, Guitar Hero Live will supposedly play from a first-person perspective; so we guess you’ll be checking out screaming crowds and fellow band members directly, rather than having your third-person view chop and change as the song progresses. Not that your viewpoint is all that important in these types of games; you’re too busy keeping an eye on the endless cascade of “notes” barreling towards you.

Activision is poised to make an official reveal sometime today, 14 May. The publisher released a 15-second teaser trailer for (presumably) a new Guitar Hero type game. You can check it out below:

Meanwhile, Guitar Hero rival Rock Band has already been confirmed for a release later this year. Rock Band 4 will be backwards compatible with previous controllers and will allow you to import your downloaded music collection from previous Rock Band titles.

Via: Eurogamer