A new Descent game will be flying our way next year


It wasn’t too long ago that we spoke about Sublevel Zero, an upcoming game inspired by the classic Descent titles of years gone by. Clearly there are many fans who are yearning for some old-fashioned, six-degrees-of-freedom shooting, because now the Descent franchise is finally getting a (long-overdue) new entry named Descent: Underground.

Starting out as a spiritual successor to Descent before being picked up by the original team and made official, Underground is set for a March 2016 release and will utilise Unreal Engine 4. That gives us plenty of time to revisit the older games and brush up on our zero-gravity flying skills.

The game was put on Kickstarter and has just barely managed to achieve its goal with a measly $1,773 left to spare. This means that the stretch goals haven’t been met, but the team is still asking for donations on their official webpage.

There’s loads of goodies promised, including a faithful single-player campaign, multiplayer support and even customisable ships. Judging from the images currently available, things seem a bit less claustrophobic and slightly darker this time round.

We all love trailers, don’t we? If you deny it, I’ll call you a liar to your face! Check out some of the upcoming action in the real purdy video below:

Keep up with proceedings at the official website here.