WIN: cool gaming gear from Cooler Master


Aren’t keyboards just the best? Right now, a keyboard is being used to bring this post you’re reading to life. It’s delivering letters and words and possibilities directly to your brain-hole. A life without a keyboard is obviously no life at all, and so the fine folks at Cooler Master would like to ensure your existence is forever filled with keyboards. Or at least keyboard. Singular. Plus bonus mouse! Because we’re told those are pretty important too.

Follow us deeper if you’re intrigued.

Cooler Master has very generously provided us with one each of their attention-grabbing CM Storm Suppressor keyboards and CM Storm Octane LED gaming combos to offer two lucky readers the chance to win. Calling the latter an “LED gaming combo” is a fancy way of saying you get a snazzy keyboard and a snazzy mouse. You can learn more about the Suppressor via this handy link, and more about the Octane combo by clicking here. Backlighting! Anti-ghosting! USB cables that DETACH!

If you’d like to win one of ’em, all you need to do is leave us a comment below. We’ll randomly select two winners when the time is right. Below you’ll find some images of the Suppressor and Octane combo.

[Update 14/05/2015: This competition is now closed and winners have been selected and notified via email]