Giblets: Interpol, Kaspersky Labs, take down part of massive botnet

There’s a rather large botnet on the internet called Simda that has been up to some very sketchy things lately. While it doesn’t take over your computer (it can serve as a platform for other malware to do that), it does steal your personal and private information – usernames to websites, banking details and login information, credit card numbers, the works. Together with Kaspersky Labs, Interpol seized dozens of servers that controlled portions of the botnet, taking down servers in the Netherlands and the USA. To date, the malware has infected an estimated 770,000 computers in 190 countries around the world, many of them employed in offices, banking institutions and factories, in addition to home computers. While Simda isn’t dead for now, the teams behind the raids hope to use the information gleaned from the seized servers to figure out where the rest of them are and how to take the botnet offline entirely.

If you want to find out if you’re infected with the Simda malware, click this link to have your IP address scanned against a known list of affected addresses. This won’t tell you exactly which computer is infected if you’re doing this in a network that uses IP masking, but you can be reasonably sure that one of them is with this tool. To get rid of Simda, you can run Malwarebytes for free to scan for, and remove the virus. Once done, update your antivirus, or use Avira if you don’t have one already.

Source: Techspot