Watch this: a brand new trailer for the lovely looking Samorost 3


Czech development team Amanita Design (them of Machinarium fame) first announced Samorost 3 all the way back in 2013. Since then there’s been pretty much no news, which isn’t all that surprising really: Amanita Design is known for their long periods of radio silence.

Luckily the company’s Facebook page lit up less than 24 hours ago to announce a new trailer for the long-time-coming point-and-click adventure title Samorost 3. Those who have played the previous two titles will be familiar with the series’ little space critter and his numerous, planet and asteroid hopping adventures. If you missed them, you can play the first game for free in your browser right over here.

Samorost 3 is heading to PC and Mac later on this year, with Amanita eyeing Android and iOS devices shortly after that. Composer Tomáš Dvořák has confirmed he’s doing the soundtrack for Samorost 3, which will be fantastic news to Machinarium fans considering how phenomenal that OST was. Hit the jump for the trailer.

Source: Facebook