Disney Infinity 3.0 outed early by character leaks?


Perhaps you thought there’d be a break between the very recently released Disney Infinity 2.0 and the inevitable next game in the franchise? Well, despite the fact that the Marvel-fuelled Infinity 2.0 is just over 6 months old, there are already rumours of a Disney Infinity 3.0 waiting in the wings.

The rumours come courtesy of a Chinese retailer called Tabobao, which let slip details of new characters coming to the as yet unannounced Disney Infinity 3.0. Those characters include Tron’s Sam Flynn and Quorra; classic Mickey and Minnie Mouse; Olaf from Frozen; Mulan; and a collection of five characters from Disney’s upcoming, psychology-centric movie Inside Out.

Adding credence to the leak is the fact that Disney Infinity news website, Infinity Inquirer, first shared the rumour, and then subsequently had to remove their information “at the request of Disney Interactive”.

Via: Eurogamer