Heroes of the Storm gets release date and upcoming open beta


Blizzard’s upcoming stab at the MOBA genre is currently in a closed beta. If you haven’t yet been able to net yourself a Heroes of the Storm beta invite then here’s some good news: the game will enter open beta in just over three weeks on 19 May.

In addition to the date for an open beta, Blizzard has announced that the game will officially launch on 02 June. Heroes of the Storm will launch with a hero roster of 30 characters, and the game will start off with seven battlegrounds. Blizzard will, however, add more characters and battlegrounds as the game matures. You’ll be able to earn in-game currency to unlock new characters for permanent use, or play whichever characters are on rotation at any given time. You could also choose to spend real money on characters instead; unsurprising considering the game’s free-to-play model.