This is what Alan Wake 2 would have been like


“This is an internal prototype demo from 2010, a proof of concept, an exploration on the mood and themes of what Alan Wake 2 would have been back then.” This is the message that precedes a newly released internal video put together by Remedy, the team behind Alan Wake.

“The project never went any further than this demo.”

The original Alan Wake was always meant to have a sequel. In fact, Remedy began development with a number of games planned that would fit into the Alan Wake universe. Aside from the fun but forgettable standalone Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, there’s been nothing about the franchise but a heartfelt video message from Remedy head Sam Lake.

Now, Polygon has been made privy to the current status of Alan Wake 2, and it’s not great news for patient fans. It’s all back down to that whole “finding a publisher” thing. Remedy owns the Alan Wake IP despite Microsoft publishing the original on Xbox 360. Remedy’s ownership of the franchise meant that they could finally bring the game to PC via Steam, where they recouped all their expenses within 48 hours of the game going on sale. An Alan Wake audience is definitely there, but a publisher isn’t.

Remedy began work on Alan Wake 2 the moment the first game shipped. The team developed a number of different prototypes and has now shared the most polished one. You can see it below:

In the video, you can see a number of locations, enemies and mechanics that would eventually be ported over to Alan Wake’s American Nightmare, but the prototype video’s original purpose was to show potential publishers the theme and mood for Alan Wake 2. No publishers, even Microsoft, wanted to back the project.

“We showed [the prototype] to Microsoft,” Lake explained, “and I guess at the time Microsoft was looking for something slightly different for their portfolio. Quite quickly our discussion about Alan Wake 2 turned into something else and that something else turned into Quantum Break, which was great and very exciting.”

Quantum Break is due out sometime in 2016. Once that project is wrapped up and shipped there’s no telling what Remedy might work on next. Here’s hoping they dust off their work on Alan Wake 2. Sam Lake doesn’t want to make any promises, but he’s hopeful that might actually happen.

Source: Polygon