Watch This: Behind the scenes dev diary for Guitar Hero Live


Guitar Hero Live, which was revealed last week, is bringing a redesigned controller, tweaked button configuration, and a bold new live-action, first-person perspective for the game’s story mode. On top of that, development team FreeStyleGames is introducing Guitar Hero TV (GHTV): an always-on music channel accessible via the game and constantly updated with playable music videos.

FreeStyleGames has now released a behind the scenes video that gives a neat rundown of the game’s upcoming new features. You’ll get to see the new guitar in action, how they captured a lot of the live-action content, and what they have planned for GHTV. It’s definitely worth checking out if you’ve been missing the rhythm genre and hoping for its revival.

I for one am super-duper-extra-excited that we’re getting both Guitar Hero AND Rock Band back this year. It’ll be like 2008 all over again with two rival series taking cheap shots at each other in an attempt to sell more plastic instruments! The more things change, right?

In related news, Rock Band developer Harmonix has revealed that peripheral manufacturer Mad Catz will be co-publishing Rock Band 4. This puts Mad Catz in charge of “global sales, promotions and distribution”.