Rumors point to AMD skipping the 20nm process for GPUs, CPUs

AMD, makers of the FX processors and the Radeon graphics family, will probably skip using any sort of 20-nanometer production process and is instead eyeing a jump to 14nm FinFET, at least that would be the case if sources close to Expreview China are correct. According to the publication, AMD has been toying with the 20nm process for some time, but decided to ditch it when yields and leakage weren’t at acceptable levels to make it viable for their GPUs. The only company currently eyeing 20nm is Nvidia, who is currently taping out Tegra X1 hardware using TSMC’s 20nm technology.

Skipping a half-node and jumping straight to 14nm is going to be very difficult so if this rumor holds any truth in it, I don’t think this would have been a decision taken lightly. The possibility of dropping 20nm also means that all of the time and money spent on investigating 20nm production is now wasted, which could possibly lead to a delay of a few months for the Radeon R-400 series of graphics cards. AMD is expected to release the R9 390X soon, with an announcement promised in Q2 2015 and a release either a little before or after the Computex 2015 trade show.

Source: Expreview China