Wow, Mad Max sure is looking brutal… and brown… and dusty


Upcoming open-world, post-apocalyptic, mutant-bashing, car-driving, skull-cracking, compound-adjective-riddled action-adventure game Mad Max just got a neat new trailer. Checking in at just over four minutes in length, the trailer highlights some of the title’s gameplay pillars, including customising your car (the Magnum Opus) and exploring that dusty looking Wasteland. Good golly but it’s looking rather enticing, isn’t it?

And there’s a good reason that The Wasteland looks as good as it does: developer Avalanche Studios is treating the game’s setting like one of the game’s characters. “It’s important that The Wasteland is a living, breathing entity,” the team wrote in a post on the PlayStation Blog, “it’s one of the game’s most important characters. We are really pushing the weather systems, day and night cycle, skies and environmental effects so that the world feels as dynamic as possible. It’s not only the inhabitants of this world that are intimidating!”

Another thing you’ll see in the trailer is a hidden, underground area that Max finds by dragging a metal sheet away from the area’s entrance. Avalanche has said that The Wasteland has heaps of hidden, underground areas that are loaded with items and upgrades for your car. You can check it out in the video after the jump.

Via: PlayStation Blog