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mortal kombat x new characters jason predator

Ha, see what I did there? The l337 c0d3rz among you might recognise “.avi” as a common tag for ripped movies, which if you really stretch the boundaries of logic of course means that This Week In Gaming is all about videos.

I’m vanishing for the long weekend (and the whole week, actually), and along with me I’m taking my work ethic and journalistic integrity. So then, after the jump you’ll find a whole ton of videos, with a little bit of news squeezed between all those YouTube embeds. Have a great long weekend, and I’ll see you all in a week.

While browsing for videos I came across this one for Warhammer 40K: Regicide, and thought I was finally getting a new RTS game. Nope, it’s some kind of weird chess effort – check it out.

Mortal Kombat X is getting new characters, and they’re not even those ones that were uncovered in the source code. Among them is Mr Teen Murder himself, Jason Vorhees. Nice.

Rainbow Six Siege is on the way, and it has British people in it. Don’t believe me? I can’t imagine why, but check out the flags in this trailer you dirty skeptic.

So Kerbal Space Program is a game I’ve never played, but after seeing this mod I just might try. The geekiest game on the planet has finally got a kickass addition – mechwarriors. Yup.

Microsoft got caught in a spot of naughtiness this week, after someone figured out that their Xbox One Witcher 3 gameplay video was running in 1080p at 60fps. That same person obviously also realised the Xbone hadn’t doubled it’s hardware performance, and figured it was taken from a PC. It was. Oops. Here’s the offending trailer, with a new “captured on PC” bit added to it.

Overlord: Fellowship of Evil is a game I’d never heard of until right now, and apparently it’s a sequel. It’s heading to Xbone and PC, and has just been announced – here’s a gameplay trailer.

Okay so this just blew my mind. I found a video for Rory McIlroy PGA Tour. Didn’t this used to be Tiger’s gig? Did they take it away from him for being a filthy perverted poonhound? Man, nothing seems to go right for that guy. Anyways, here’s some golf.

Then there’s this confusing Destiny DLC teaser going around. From what I’ve read in my newest comments, you guys just LOVE a bit of DLC.

Let’s end things off on a sad note, because that’s a good idea, apparently. We’ll round it up with Eurogamer’s look at video game sequels that you’ll never play. Ever. I haven’t watched it myself, I’m too afraid Half-Life will be on there.