Giblets: Running Advert blockers in Germany is now perfectly legal

If you’re reading this from Germany somehow, and happen to use Adblock or Adblock Plus or any other advert blocking solution in your browser, you can now continue using it without fear of any legal repercussions. A group of Germany-based publishers took the company behind Adblock to court, arguing that they were facilitating a method to deny the publishers advertising revenue on participating websites on the internet, thereby infringing on their right to remuneration. Following a four-month-long trial, the judge presiding over the case ruled that blocking adverts so you won’t see them is perfectly legal, as users do not get a choice in the matter of whether they are subject to advertising on the internet. The ruling also stated that blocking adverts that track a user’s behaviour on the internet was also legal, as this upheld the German citizen’s right to to privacy. The case’s argument wasn’t against ad blocking in general, but rather sought injunctive relief for the publishers involved in bringing the case to court, who claimed that Adblock’s policies targeted them specifically.

Source: Adblock Plus,

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