NAG Magazine: May 2015 issue


We all just want to be big rockstars. You know it. We know it. Nickelback knows it. Strangely enough, we have it on good authority that people who are already big rockstars want nothing more than to be accountants. Huge fans of numbers and balancing that lot. Also, cocaine. Probably.

Even our May issue is obsessed with becoming a rock god, preferably of the glam-metal persuasion. We caught it wearing an outrageous wig in the bathroom the other day and everything. “It’s all about experimentation,” it told us as we stared, transfixed. To each their own and all that.

Anyway, follow us below for a look at what’s cooking in the next issue of NAG magazine.

NAG-Magazine-May-2015-issue-image-3Guitar Hero! It’s back, and the amount of excitement it’s generating means it’s starting to feel like it never left. Guitar Hero Live is driven by the desire to present the most authentic rockstar experience possible, placing you onstage (and backstage) in an almost literal sense, thrusting a brand new plastic guitar in your hands and expecting you to be the best wannabe superstar the world’s ever seen. It’s looking awesome, and we’d like to tell you why.

We’ve gotten ourselves mega-obsessed with Call of Duty‘s zombie survival mode all over again, and so we decided to craft an official NAG strategy guide that’ll hopefully help you navigate the treacherous corridors of Advanced Warfare‘s first zombie map without getting your appendages chewed off. Our Windows 10 versus Windows 7 feature (sorry Windows 8, you’ll have to wait at the door) delves into the fundamental differences between the foundations on which these two operating systems are built, and we explain why DirectX 12 will likely change the course of computing.


Previews this month see us explaining why Final Fantasy XV is looking to fly the FF flag higher than it’s flown for a long, long time, and we dive into the free-to-play, humans-versus-vampires fun of Nosgoth to see if it’s worthy of Kain’s legacy.

Our reviews section has a pair of ultra-heavy hitters within, and their names are Bloodborne and Battlefield Hardline. Read the May issue to discover if we think these games have managed to live up to the hype-vortex that enveloped them leading to their release. Ori and the Blind Forest is a thing of true beauty, but is the game beneath the shiny veneer actually any good? White Night has a film noir aesthetic that demands attention, and Zombie Army Trilogy ensures that nobody can accuse us of not having enough zombies in this issue.

NAG-Magazine-May-2015-issue-image-2May’s hardware section brings with it a report on our hands-on experience with Nintendo’s New 3DS XL. The Intel Core i7 5820K is a masterclass in CPU design. We launch a portable hard drive directly into the centre of the sun, and it comes back unharmed. Does the new Corsair Vengeance K95 deliver the same fantastic experience as its predecessor? In this month’s Versus we compare HDMI 2.0 and DisplayPort 1.3, helping you make the right choice of input when the time comes to upgrade your display.

This month’s NAG is full of all these delicious delights, plus loads more. If you’d like to digitise them there pages, head on over to Zinio. It’s due on shelves this Thursday, the 30th of April.

Scroll below for a look at that eye-catching cover, and you’ll find the contents page after that. We hope you enjoy it!


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