Running Windows 10 Technical Preview? Make sure to update your machines today


If you’re running the Windows 10 Technical Preview, you should be already receiving updates to move to the latest build, version 10061. However, some people have been keeping machines running the TP disconnected from the net or even in a virtual machine for testing. Well, if you want to continue using the OS, you’ll need to update to at least version 9926 to avoid the OS from entering into a boot loop on 30 April 2015.

According to a developer posting on the Windows Insider Program forums, Microsoft inserted a kill-switch for old versions of the software so that users wouldn’t continue to make use of them once the testing period was over. All of the TP versions have expiration dates for this year, but the ones preceding the 9926 build will stop booting once their licenses expire.

windows 10 tp build closures

The developer confirmed that prior to the license expiry date, the users would have seen some messages in the task bar prompting them to update to avoid their license to test the software being revoked. Once the kill switch is turned on, the only method of data recovery is to copy the contents of the user folders and your other data over to a backup drive and reinstall the OS, preferably with the 10041 build that was released a few weeks ago.

Windows 10 is launching later this year, but comments by AMD’s Lisa Su hinted at a July release for the operating system. Its a bit too close for comfort, but maybe Microsoft can pull this off properly.

Source: Microsoft Answers