Giblets: 3D Realms Anthology spawns on Steam next week


You may recall how, last year, 3D Realms treated fans to an anthology re-release of many of their classic titles. Now it’s coming to Steam on the 5th of May.

Containing 32 games, it’s one of the largest game bundles to ever feature on Steam (the largest being the Eidos Anthology, which clocks in at 34 games plus a ton of DLC). It’ll retail for $40, though a launch-time sale will have it going for $30. As before, it includes tweaks for the games to run properly on modern OSes, remastered soundtracks and scans of the game manuals.

Like before, Prey and the Max Payne series are noticeably absent, but that’s because they’re owned by Take Two and Bethesda, respectively. However, 3D Realms director Frederik Schreiber has stated that if the anthology hits 10 million sales, they’ll be buying back the franchises.

Source: PC Gamer