People are selling PS4 consoles on eBay with the P.T. Silent Hills demo installed


Konami has killed upcoming horror game Silent Hills. The game would have seen game designer legend Hideo Kojima collaborating with masterful film director Guillermo del Toro. Silent Hills got a playable demo (dubbed P.T.) on the PlayStation 4, which proved to be pants-crappingly terrifying and intriguing all at the same time.

With Kojima and Konami apparently at odds with each other, the publisher has decided to axe the project. Cue the eBay sharks.

Some entrepreneurial/unscrupulous (you pick) individuals are selling their PlayStation 4 consoles on eBay. Those consoles come with copies of P.T., which is being removed from the PlayStation Store forever. The asking price? £1,000.00 which works out to just less than R19,000.00.

Incidentally, my PlayStation 4 also has a copy of P.T. on it, so if anyone wants that I’ll let it go for JUST R10,000.00. You’re welcome.

Source: VG24/7