This Week In Gaming.avi (part 2)

silent hills norman reedus

Hello again NAGuggets, and thanks for coming back. I’ve just arrived home yesterday evening from a week-long holiday in the land-of-no-internet, so me and my computer are currently having a NSFW reunion with candles, bubble bath and a 3-pack of herbal enhancements.

I didn’t want to leave you all hanging with nothing though, so I’ve quickly put together another round-up of videos from the week, interspersed with news and unwanted commentary. Come back next week for our regularly scheduled programming, and I hope you’ve all enjoyed the long weekend.


This is a year, which means we can expect a Call of Duty game. What should you expect from Black Ops 3? This video explains what we know so far.

If you’re spoiler-phobic, I wouldn’t watch this Arkham Knight trailer – juicy new details abound.

Project Cars is a game featuring cars, and honestly not that many projects. Still, it’s looking pretty damned cool ahead of it’s May 8 release.

Eurogamer recently got behind the scenes with Playtonic Games, the new studio formed by ex-Rare members who worked on Banjo-Kazooie. Check it out:

So, DirectX 12 is apparently awesome? I know these tech videos are never quite what the real deal looks like, but this one from Square Enix is great.

Here’s a bit of really sad news you probably already know – the terribly named “Silent Hills” has been axed following Kojima’s fallout with Konami. After the super-promising P.T. demo that evacuated the bowels of several PS4 users, it’s a real let-down. Just for a dose of extra sadness, I thought I’d remind you of what you’re missing with the trailer from the end of P.T..

Some mods are good, some mods are bad, and some mods are just giant whales falling from the sky. GTA V is producing some comedy gems at the moment, and this ragdoll compilation is a perfect example.

Do you love RPGs, but hate that pesky levelling system that is literally the core gameplay feature? Well despair not, because this enterprising YouTuber can get you from a lowly level 1 peasant to a level 70 master in Diablo 3 in about a minute.

While we’re on the subject of abusing games, videos like this make me want to give DayZ a shot (until I stare at the graphics too long).

Love The Last of Us storyline, but hate the tedium of actually playing the game? Well, one YouTuber has you covered – he’s turned the thing into an episodic series. Below is the “teaser”, you can find the whole series YouTube.

See you next week!