Batman: Arkham Knight’s $40 Season Pass brings playable Batgirl


When news of a $40 Season Pass hit last week, many Batman fans were a little pissed. Interestingly, Polygon did a poll with their readership regarding this Season Pass, and the majority (just over one-third of respondents) said that the announcement of the $40 Season Pass had actually turned them off buying the game.

Warner Bros. and Rocksteady are now in Damage Control Mode™ and have decided to provide more information on what that $40 will buy people. Originally, when the announcement hit, they had this to say about what is included in the Season Pass: “new story missions, additional super-villains invading Gotham City, legendary Batmobile skins, advanced challenge maps, alternative character skins, and new drivable race tracks.” You can’t blame people for getting a little uptight if this is what they’re told they’ll get for $40 (or about R450); it’s quite a bit of cash to blindly hand over, and specifics are needed. In a statement on the official Batman Arkham Facebook page, the team had this to say: “We’ve heard from our community that you want more information on what we’ll be delivering in the Season Pass.”

The headlining act for the Season Pass: a playable Batgirl in her own prequel story missions.

The Batgirl content is called Batgirl: A Matter of Family, and will include new locations to play in for the prequel story. This also marks the debut appearance for Batgirl in the Arkham Trilogy.

In addition to the Batgirl story arc, you’ll also get new missions for Batman. The Season of Infamy will bring new story missions for Batman to play through as new “legendary super-villains” begin invading Gotham City.

Then, there’s a set of new story missions for each of Batman’s side-kicks. We already know that we’ll be playing as Catwoman, Robin, and Nightwing during the game’s campaign, but the DLC set of missions (entitled Gotham City Stories) will fill in a lot of the blanks for each character, and are set before and after the events of Arkham Knight.

Finally, there will be the obligatory set of alternate character skins, Challenge maps, and alternate Batmobiles and new race tracks. Why anyone would want to RACE a Batmobile when you could rather be blowing shit up is beyond me, but there you go.

So, does this take the sting out of the (likely) R450+ asking price for the DLC? Was this ever an issue for you? Has this made you decide to hold out for the inevitable Game of the Year edition? Let us know below!

Source: Facebook
Via: Polygon