Black Mesa’s site has a weird countdown


In case you’ve missed it, Black Mesa is a fan-made effort to port and update the original Half-Life to the Source engine. Valve’s own attempt, aptly named Half-Life: Source, left many fans wanting as it was more or less a simple cut-and-past job that never truly utilized the newer engine’s potential. Black Mesa aims to fully re-imagine the defining FPS, complete with new models, textures, updated physics and various tweaks to level design to make it feel like a modern game.

The official site now features a TV monitor which, when clicked, takes viewers to a page featuring a countdown, static noise and odd images of the G-Man. The countdown points to the 6th of May, though the zero-point naturally differs according to your timezone. No other details are offered, giving viewers ample reason to let their imagination run wild.

Will it be a new update? Is the game set to officially appear on Steam? It was mentioned back in 2013 that the title would eventually appear as a paid product and has gone through the Greenlighting process. We’ll have to wait a couple of days to see.

Sources: Black Mesa’s official site, Games.On.Net