Oh neat! There’s going to be a PC Gaming show at this year’s E3


In the days leading up to E3, Los Angeles theatres become hives of activity for the “pre-show briefings”. All the major players host press events: Microsoft, Sony, EA, Ubisoft… and now AMD.

Yep, hardware manufacturer AMD is headline sponsoring (so expect some considerable AMD-punting to go down) a PC Gaming press event on the 16th of June, which, admittedly, is on the day that E3 starts. Still, it’s a PC-centric presser! That’s kind of awesome and a first for the largest video game expo on the planet.

The show will kick off at 5PM L.A. time, which works out to 2AM local time on the 17th of June. Thanks for NOTHING, stupid time zones. If you’re a serious card-carrying member of the GPCMR, then you can watch the event live on Twitch. You’ll get to see presentations from Cliff Bleszinski, Dean DayZ Hall, Cloud Imperium Games (Star Citizen), Blizzard, Humble Bundle, and so on and so forth. No Valve though… which seems like a super-massive aspect of PC gaming is missing, but anyway. You can read more about the event over on the official website linked below.

Source: PC Gaming Show