ASUS MG279Q has a FreeSync toggle in the OSD but won’t do 144Hz

ASUS is a couple of months away from releasing two variations of the holy grail of gaming monitors – displays using IPS panels capable of operating at 144Hz. The FreeSync-branded version is the MG279Q, a 27-inch 2560 x 1440 monitor with refresh rates up to 144Hz and FreeSync compatibility. However, when ASUS first announced the MG279Q at CES 2015, the monitor only had a top-end refresh rate of 120Hz and no FreeSync branding. Later on it got accepted into AMD’s program for validation and bumped up the refresh limit to 144Hz. Now, though, a FAQ about the monitor on ASUS’ website says that toggling on FreeSync in the display’s OSD will limit the variable refresh window from a low of 35Hz to an upper limit of 90Hz. This could be something to do with the scaler that ASUS is using or there’s a design flaw in the software used to drive the monitor. Either way, ASUS needs to get this sorted out before launch or they’ll have angry mobs of AMD fans with torches and pitchforks outside their headquarters.

Source: ASUS Support