Sullust joins the planet roster for Star Wars Battlefront; 12 maps in total


DICE has revealed, in an interesting blog post, that Sullust is the latest planet that will provide a backdrop for one of the 12 planned maps in Star Wars Battlefront. Sullust hasn’t made an appearance in any of the films, but it was mentioned in Return of the Jedi. What’s more, we know what Sullustans look like thanks to Nien Nunb and his role in piloting the Millennium Falcon with Lando Calrissian in the Battle of Endor. Wow this got nerdy quickly.

Anyway, with few visual cues to go on, DICE worked together with Lucasfilm to bring Sullust to life for Star Wars Battlefront. DICE always knew that they wanted to create their own planet for Battlefront and began working on a volcanic environment with strong, contrasting colours. Once they took their designs to Lucasfilm, the group there decided that DICE’s work would be “a perfect look” for Sullust.

“To build a dynamic and exciting world for our players,” the blog post reads, “the team at DICE then visited the Lucasfilm archives for further research. We wanted to build on the existing lore that the planet Sullust had an Imperial presence. And this idea proved to become a major influence in the design of the planet for the game. We studied the Death Star’s architecture and material to inspire ways in which we could incorporate the structures, almost as if the same architect who designed the Death Star left their mark on the structures that stand across the surface of Sullust in Star Wars Battlefront.”

In the same blog post, DICE confirmed the map count for Battlefront: a total of 12 maps will ship with the game, but that 12 doesn’t include the maps designed for the game’s Missions mode (a set of crafted missions that can be played solo or co-operatively, offline or online).

The entire blog post makes for a great read so check it out in the link below.