The final version of the Oculus Rift will ship first quarter 2016


Oculus VR has just announced that they will begin taking pre-orders for the consumer version of the Oculus Rift towards the end of this year. They plan to ship those orders during the first quarter of 2016.

“The Rift delivers on the dream of consumer VR with compelling content, a full ecosystem, and a fully-integrated hardware/software tech stack designed specifically for virtual reality,” the press release read. “It’s a system designed by a team of extremely passionate gamers, developers, and engineers to reimagine what gaming can be.”

Oculus has also provided two pictures of what the final consumer version will look like. Things have changed considerably since the previous Crescent Bay prototype was shown off. The consumer version boasts improved tracking when compared to earlier prototypes, as well as built-in headphones that make use of a specialised 3D positional audio system. Oculus VR also said that the unit is more streamlined to offer both a standing and sitting VR experience.


No pricing has been revealed but the unit has always been aimed to hit the $300 mark.

Oculus VR has promised more news at E3 next month, but will begin discussing the technical specifications of the final consumer version as early as next week. A host of made-for-VR games will also be revealed in the coming weeks.