We’ll get to see the new Assassin’s Creed next week Tuesday


There’s a new Assassin’s Creed coming. (What, you didn’t know? There totally is! Just like last year! And the year before that. And the year before that. And the year before that. And the… you get the idea.) You’ll be able to watch the reveal next week Tuesday, 12 May 2015. The reveal will kick off at 17:00 UK time, which is 18:00 for us here in South Africa. The reveal will be broadcast live via the official Assassin’s Creed website.

Ubisoft has released a teaser trailer for the reveal, which shows little more than the two hands of, presumably, our new playable assassin. It does give you a glimpse at the equipment we’ll have at our disposal, which looks to include the standard hidden blade, knuckledusters, a very posh looking cane (that we’re willing to bet will have a blade hidden inside it), and a mini cannon (it’s so cute!) attached to the glove of the left hand.

In December last year an internal target render movie for 2015’s Assassin’s Creed was leaked online. That render showed that the game will be set in 19th century London. This teaser for next week’s reveal seems to echo that time period just based on the style and equipment you can see.

We’ll keep you posted on the reveal and you can expect all the information here on NAG Online.