No squads or soldier classes in Star Wars Battlefront


Determined to separate this game from Battlefield, developer DICE has confirmed that there will be no soldier classes in Star Wars Battlefront. Likewise, squads won’t be in the game, which is due on 20 November.

Instead of following in Battlefield’s footsteps and offering fixed soldier classes, DICE has opted to allow players to customise and equip their soldier however they want. As such, the game will feature weapon and equipment unlocks based on player progression. How this will be balanced is yet to be discussed.

Instead of five-player squads, Star Wars Battlefront will use a Partners system not unlike that which we first saw in 2012’s Medal of Honor: Warfighter. You’ll be able to see your partner through walls as they’ll be outlined on your HUD. You’ll also be able to respawn on them if you get taken out.

Interestingly, DICE has opted to make Partners’ equipment and weapons shared, which means that if your partner is a few levels above you, you’ll get instant access to higher-level stuff.

Via: Eurogamer