Star Citizen releases web-based ’80s throwback space shooter


Star Citizen has produced some amazing content so far with the deca-quintillion dollars it’s managed to raise. I mean, there’s those sweet ads. And a Hangar module, so you can look at the ships you’ve bought so far. There’s a bit of a dog-fighting thing. Oh, and now this vertical-scrolling space shooter with cool neon styling that a certain other company decided would be hip.

“The evil pirate captain Balthazar has stolen your prized Takuetsu Vanguard model. Now your dashboard feels empty and lonely and sad… as Meredith, you will pursue these despicable thieves through three star systems, blasting everything and everyone that stands in your way,” reads the blurb before the main shooty bit of Hyper Vanguard Force IV. It’s pretty basic, but a fun diversion and, more importantly, free. Give it a look.

Source: Roberts Space Industries

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