Konami pulls DMCA trick on YouTuber’s investigative video


I’ve spoken before about the dangers YouTubers face when attempting legitimate journalism on game companies under fair use policies, and Konami has illustrated as much in their most recent scandal. YouTuber George Weidman aka Super Bunnyhop yesterday had his excellent video report of the break-up between Hideo Kojima and Konami – citing original but anonymous sources inside Konami he clearly states are unsubstantiated – blocked by a DMCA copyright request by Konami.

The video is back up, but for how long is debatable.


For my part, I’m baffled by Konami’s actions since news of Kojima’s departure broke. This scorched earth policy with regards to their existing properties and long-term history with gamers positions Konami as tone deaf, a company outside the culture of games – one with little respect for the medium other than its purely commercial properties. That P.T. will likely be impossible to play in a few short years is a travesty.

What’s your thoughts? Are Konami right to DMCA a report filled with unsubstantiated information? Or is this clearly twisting copyright takedowns for the purposes of censorship?