The Roxy reboot refresh

Roxy header

The latest version of our rAge mascot, Roxy, caused a bit of a stir after we published updated pictures of her recently. The sentiment was that her outfit was too revealing, flying in the face of recent articles and discussion about how females are portrayed in video games.

When we commissioned the artwork this is more or less what we asked for: we need Roxy in space, wearing an outlandish futuristic outfit, fighting off some alien monster. We spent more time discussing the planet, the ray gun and how were we were going to incorporate the rAge logo in a cool way than anything else, like whether or not the content was appropriate. We spent ages searching online for good examples of how the planet should look. Should we include a rAge base on the planet? Do all the pipes look right on her helmet, how translucent should the tentacles be, should they look electrified and where should we put that copy of NAG? The style chosen was pin-up girl, like something you’d find on the nose of a B52 bomber. So that’s more or less how we ended up with the original Roxy image. For us, Roxy has always been a strong female character in a world dominated by male stereotypes, and she takes no crap from aliens, zombies and so on. This is how we’ve always thought of her.

rAge has always been a family-friendly show and in hindsight the image of Roxy didn’t fit into this dynamic. We also should have taken into consideration all the current thinking on female characters in video games. We’re really sorry to those people who took offense to the original Roxy artwork. What we’ve done is change her outfit to something more appropriate.