Gears of War: Ultimate Edition heading to Xbox One?

Gears of War 3

In a move that will likely surprise ones of people, it looks like Microsoft is –ahem– gearing up to release a remastered edition of the Gears of War trilogy. Gears of War: Ultimate Edition first cropped up onto the industry’s radar when the Brazilian Advisory Rating Board listed the game with a 2015 release date.

Now, a few days later, leaked footage of the alleged remastered collection has surfaced online. It didn’t last online for very long before it was expunged by ninja-lawyers. That didn’t stop NeoGAF users from uploading it elsewhere though. You can find two little clips over here and over here.

No word from Microsoft regarding the validity of these rumours, but with Black Tusk working on a current-gen version of a Gears of War, now seems like a good time to squeeze the last few sales out of the original games by sprucing them up and sticking them on Xbox One. We’ll probably find out more at E3.

Via: IGN Africa