Nintendo’s E3 plans include reviving the Nintendo World Championships


What is this, 1990? That was the year that Nintendo held its last Nintendo World Championships, and 25 years later the company is poised to revive the event. On 14 June the Championships will play out live in downtown Los Angeles. The event will be open to the public, but Nintendo will also stream the whole thing over the Internet.

Of course, in typical American fashion, by “World Championship” the really just mean “American Championships”. To qualify for the event, people need to get down to specific Best Buy stores around the USA to take part in qualifying competitions. The winners of those qualifiers will then faceoff at the World Championships in LA. Nintendo has, however, specified that certain participants in the Championships will be invited by Nintendo, so perhaps those invitees will be from other parts of the world?

Elsewhere, Nintendo will host a Digital Event at 9AM Pacific Time, which is 18:00 for us here in South Africa. You can catch a super-tongue-in-cheek announcement video after the jump.

Via: Kotaku