Nvidia releases their first WHQL driver for Windows 10


If you’re looking forward to doing some gaming on Windows 10 with a Geforce GPU, rest assured that Nvidia’s already been pushing through their drivers to Microsoft for testing and validation to allow them to appear on Windows Update. The first WHQL-certified drivers for Windows 10, Geforce 352.84, carry a lot of enhancements to the current beta drivers in use by people running the Windows Technical Preview and there’s full support for DirectX 12 baked in there as well.

For now, the 352.84 drivers only carry DirectX 12 enhancements and enable features found in DirectX 12 for the Kepler and Maxwell architectures, which means that everything from the Geforce GT 630 all the way to the latest GTX Titan X will be running DirectX 12 to some degree. The driver model for the GPU also changes to WDDM 2.0, necessary to support the transparency on the desktop and a host of other features that is part of the Windows driver model.

For now, there’s no DX12 games on the market that you can play. Woohoo. You can check out some of the most recent DX12-driven demos below to get a feel for what games will look like in the future with this new software. DirectX 12 also improves performance on multi-core systems by removing a lot of the driver overhead normally associated with DirectX 11 and earlier versions, which should give some older rigs a longer lease on life. If you still play with a Core 2 Quad Q6600, congratulations! You can suffer it for a bit longer now.

Windows 10 is just around the corner from its rumored release date of July 13 2015 and it brings with it a number of new features, applications, services, programs and a revamped user interface. Its set to be Microsoft’s last operating system for a while, as their plan now is to move Windows into a rolling release model, similar to that of many Linux distributions and the Apple Mac OS X rolling release model.

Download the driver: Geforce 352.84 for desktops; Geforce 352.84 for mobile