Witcher 3 launch snubs Korean and Japanese users “temporarily”


With the hype train carrying Witcher 3 finally pulling into Launch Station today, a sudden plague has assailed many a upstanding, hard-working citizen who was oddly spry the day before. That or they’re busy developing a repetitive strain neck injury from checking their watch all the time.

But, despite its stellar reviews so far, the launch hasn’t gone off without a hitch. In particular, if you’re a South Korean or Japanese PC gamer, you’re probably wondering why there isn’t an option for your language.

Well, that’s because unlike the console versions, the PC versions have shipped without those languages (so more like The Ditcher 3). Why the massive stink? Because CD Projekt RED specifically promised that the region’s fans would be catered to. Last week, in fact, they released a ‘thank you’ video specifically for them. Ouch.

Now, it’s not permanent; it’s going to be patched in 21st of May. But as you can imagine, there’s a lot of ill sentiment in the East right now, with many fans having stayed up to start the game the moment it unlocked or taking leave from work or simply, you know, buying a game and expecting it to work with the stated features on the box. But it just goes to show that even a company renowned for their customer service isn’t always able to avoid launch turbulence.

Witcher 3 also launched with a relatively small day one patch to resolve performance issues on console versions, amongst other minor tweaks and bug fixes.

Source: Kotaku