Five games I was really excited about (and never played)


Confession time. Frequently when I write columns or articles on here, I discuss in more or less words how much I “can’t wait” for a particular game. I realised recently that many of these games I simply couldn’t wait to get my hands on, I never actually bought. So, I thought I’d publicly air my shame and examine what the hell happened.


I played this at rAge, and I loved it. I frequently spoke about how innovative and different it is, how it brings something new to an industry so starved of originality.

And then I promptly ignored it. I want to say it’s because we didn’t get SA servers, but that’d be a lie. I played the crap out of Titanfall on European servers, without much difficulty at all.

I think the lesson I learnt really is that when it comes to multiplayer-focused games, I play whatever my friends do. Nobody I knew bought Evolve, and so I didn’t either. A few months ago I talked all kinds of smack about Counter-Strike, and now I play it every day. Because my friends do.

Basically, I’m a flesh-covered automaton incapable of an original thought or self-directed motivations.

Mortal Kombat X

Another game I played at rAge, and loved. Perhaps it was because I kicked the crap out of Delano, or perhaps it was the sweet bandanna they gave me afterwards which I used to wipe up his tears (and keep them forever).

Either way, the game has been out a fair while now and I have to come to terms with the fact that I have no intention of buying it. Again, and cue the violins here, I think it’s because I don’t really have anybody to play with. All my memories of Mortal Kombat are from when I was around 12, and my friends would come over to my house and we’d each take one side of the keyboard and fight over who gets Scorpion.

That part probably wouldn't change.
That part probably wouldn’t change.

Now, being a grown-ass man with an internet connection, sleepovers with my peers are generally less accepted, and nobody wants to put their hands on my filthy, immunity-busting keyboard (I can’t say I blame them).

Still, redemption may be at hand after all. I’m thinking about picking up a PS4 (hold your applause), and MK X will be the first game I get. Because sleepovers with my wife are considered less weird, I suppose, and it’ll take me at least a couple of months to turn an extra controller into a bio-hazard.

The latest Hearthstone expansion

I wanted to love Hearthstone, I really did. And for a while, I managed to convince myself. But the more I played it the more the game’s simplicity and general user-friendliness started to irk me.

I think Magic: The Gathering probably ruined it for me, to be honest. I’m a long time player of the card game (and the awful, horrific mess of code that constitutes it’s digital platform), and it’s so much more complex and interesting that I kept finding myself frustrated with all the things I COULDN’T do in Hearthstone.

Like enjoy myself, I suppose. Still, I find that I keep coming back to it, telling myself that this time, THIS TIME, it’ll be different.

It’s not.


I was so sad when I found out this game wasn’t being released on PC, I wrote an entire column about it (spoilers, I guess). Hell, reading that column again it sounded like I was going to seppuku myself with my underwear.

And now that the game has finally made it’s way to the mouse and keyboard, I have forsaken it. Why?’

I can only imagine that it’s because the hype machine shut down some time ago – and I find myself having to face the ugly reality that perhaps I’m more of a sucker for marketing and hype than I’ve allowed myself to believe – perhaps we all are, really.

"That's deep bro."
“That’s deep bro.”

Still, I think I will actually give this one a go after all.

Maybe I’ll wait for a sale.

Call of Duty: Advanced Warfare

I had a lot to say about Call of Duty: Kevin Spacey ahead of its release – I predicted it would reinvigorate the franchise, it would show some actual innovation in the franchise, which we hadn’t seen since the original Modern Warfare and it would sell incredibly well.

I was right, to some extent, but I couldn’t say exactly how much it did actually break away from the standard formula since I’ve never actually played the damned thing. I suppose I still had some residual ire left over from Call of Duty: Ghosts, because I just couldn’t quite summon the enthusiasm for this one.

I’d also gotten into Counter-Strike, with its absurdly difficult gun mechanics, so I was probably just at that phase where I was ready to scoff and laugh derisively at the skill-less noobery of Call of Duty gameplay in general.

Now we have Black Ops 3 on the way, and I think the only change I’ll make this time around is to not get excited in the first place.

So then, what games were you amped for that you’ve left unplayed? Does anyone else have this particular syndrome?