Giblets: Confirmed – 8x tesselation in CCC for Witcher 3 improves game performance

In an opinion piece I wrote about game performance in The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt, I proposed the theory that reducing the amount of tesselation samples inside AMD’s Catalyst Control Center would improve the performance on AMD’s Radeon GPUs for users that wanted to keep the Hairworks option on. Well, as luck would have it, several other people on the internet had the same idea and I’ve been proven right – creating a custom profile for the Witcher 3 .exe file inside CCC and then using the tesselation settings to force it to either 16x, 8x, or 4x improves the framerate dramatically, although this only keeps other objects in the game looking good enough. It seems that Geralt’s hair uses a much more complicated mesh than other in-game objects and dropping the sample size to 8x makes it appear more wavy and wispy, similar to Lara Croft’s hair in Tomb Raider with TressFX turned on. Perhaps, with time, AMD’s drivers for Witcher 3 will improve on this fix and bring up performance back to where it should be.

Source: Reddit, Forums