Nvidia is trialling using Geforce Experience to redeem serial keys for games


Nvidia’s Geforce Experience is becoming one of the most common interfaces that Geforce graphics card owners use to optimise their game settings these days, and the company is very aware of how much use people are getting out of it. I suppose that’s why Nvidia is now toying with the idea of turning Geforce Experience into its own client to redeem codes for bundled games! Do you own a Geforce GTX Titan X and have bought it in the last two months? Hit the jump to hear why you might want to take up Nvidia’s offer of a free copy of The Witcher 3: Wild Hunt.

Starting now, Nvidia is going to be testing the redemption of codes from within Geforce Experience. Signing up for the offer enters you into the beta program for the beta builds of Geforce Experience, in which you’ll be asked to test out various new features before they work their way down to the stable branch of the software that gets bundled with the Geforce drivers.

The beta program and bundle offer seems to run up until 19 June, at which point Nvidia will probably put the feature into the stable branch and begin distributing their bundle games this way instead. The codes for the game come from GoG, with Nvidia just being the facilitator for redeeming the keys, which they normally do through the Geforce website anyway.

One asks why they’d be choosing this path? Well, one of the sources for game keys in the grey market are keys that were bundled with graphics cards for promotions, but never used up  for whatever reason. Having the ability to instead validate that your graphics card is new through Geforce Experience would go a long way to curb the reselling of these keys on the grey market by online vendors who don’t give their customers any guarantees as to their legitimacy.

Also, if you happen to own several Titan X graphics cards in SLI, you can redeem keys for each of them – simply disable SLI and redeem the key for the first Titan X, then close Geforce Experience. Then disable the first card in Device Manager, plug your monitor into the next card, open up the program again, and redeem the key code for the second card. Rinse and repeat for each consecutive GPU.


Source: Geforce.com