Electronic Arts announces Need For Speed 2015

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“This is not the game you were looking for.” Or maybe it is, I don’t know! When Electronic Arts revealed the teaser images for the next installment to the Need for Speed franchise, I expected, fully, that it was going to be moving back to the roots of the series as we best know it today – with the Underground skin. EA and Ghost Games have now come forth and revealed their game to be simply called Need For Speed. That’s right, without any subtitles. Hit the jump for the trailer and some screenshots!

The title suggests that this game is going to be a full reboot of the series and that’s correct, at least from the perspective of Ghost Games, who have been working on the game for some time. Need For Speed will debut this year with a full reveal and gameplay trailer at E3 2015 and the game could be launched this year in the holidays, if we’re lucky. Ghost Games is using a new version of EA’s in-house-designed Frostbite Engine, the same engine which powers this year’s Battlefront title from DICE Studios.

Need for Speed is set to debut on the Playstation 4, Xbox One and Windows PC platforms at launch. There’s no love for Linux or Mac OS X here, and nothing for the Wii U either. Sorry, Nintendo.

The trailer looks to be set in a city not unlike the fictional Bayview found in Underground 2. The racing in the trailer takes place at night, so we could be in for a treat as far as night racing goes. This isn’t an Underground title, though – there are cops, which means that we’re still in the familiar (but slowly repetitive) formula that makes it feels like you’re in a Fast and Furious movie where the cops are near-sighted. Taking a look at the cars in the trailer, I’ve identified a few that may be available in the game when it launches:

  • 2015 Shelby Mustang GT350R at 0:09
  • 1989 Nissan 180SX at 0:11
  • 1990 Porsche 911 Turbo (aka 964) at 0:13
  • 2012 Toyota 86 at 0:14 and at 0:20
  • 1969 Nissan Skyline GT-R KPGC-10 at 0:19

Ghost Games is promising that Need For Speed will have full tuning capability on all the cars in the game, allowing you to make it your own and make it unique. Given the amount of lying we’ve been subject to in the past with trailers like these that make me giggle like a little girl, I think its safe to say that it won’t look this good, although the Frostbite engine has been known to deliver some pretty sweet visuals – hell, Rivals looked spectactular. This is an in-engine trailer and the screenshots below are also in-engine – so take them with a large dose of salt.

I’m also going to disappoint you right now so that you won’t have your heart broken in the future: Rivals had a locked framerate of 30fps and had the physics tied to it. There’s a 50:50 chance that Ghost Games does not make the same mistake with this game but, given that we’re working with EA here and the game will be on home consoles, I’d say that the 30fps limit is looking really certain right about now. I’ll be happy if that isn’t the case, of course.


Press Release from Ghost Games

“It’s great to be back here on PlayStation Blog to talk to you about Need For Speed, and in just a few weeks’ time at E3 you’ll get to witness the full unveiling of our new game, but until then we just want to touch base on a few things, so let’s clear the air.

While we’ve been busy making the game we’ve also been reading, watching and listening to you, our NFS Community. The feedback you’ve provided across every medium possible has urged us forward, and directed us towards our goals and not a day has gone past where we’ve not been indulging ourselves in what you want. To know that there’s such a passionate set of gamers out there is one of the best feelings you can have as a developer, so thank you for that. 

There’s not a day that goes past without someone proudly proclaiming that we simply must have customisation in the next NFS game, so that’s exactly what you’ll have. When NFS launches later this year you will be able to fully customise a car, in the process turning it into a truly unique resident of your garage.

We’ve been working really closely with Speedhunters, our very own community who have helped us deliver a NFS that is grounded in authentic car culture by diving into the world of past, present and emergent trends of the urban car scene. NFS will unleash a passion for cars and speed when it releases this fall!

With over 20 years of history in its rear view mirror, we’re bringing NFS back with a reboot that delivers on what Need for Speed stands for – rich customisation, authentic urban car culture, a nocturnal open world, and an immersive narrative that drives your NFS experience.

We can’t wait to see you at E3, where among other things you’ll also be able to see customisation in action for the first time, you won’t want to miss it!”

Source: Playstation Blog

Press Release from Electronic Arts

“Ghost Games, an Electronic Arts Inc. studio, announced today the return of Need for Speed in a full reboot of this storied franchise. The game delivers on what the fans want, and what Need for Speed stands for – deep customisation, authentic urban car culture, a nocturnal open world, and an immersive narrative that pulls you through the game.

“Need for Speed is one of the most iconic names in gaming, and we’re returning it to greatness in this reboot,” said Marcus Nilsson, Executive Producer at Ghost Games. “Pulling on our 20 years of history, and then taking a year out from releasing a game, we are making the game we’ve always wanted to. We’re listening to the fans and delivering an experience that will capture their imagination and unleash their passion for cars and speed.”

Source: EA Business Newswire