Giblets: more Bloodborne confirmed


If you’re itching to explore more of the world of Bloodborne, then here’s some good news: Sony Worldwide Studios president Shuhei Yoshida confirmed in a tweet that DLC is on the way.

Some more details emerged from Bloodborne’s producer, Masaaki Yamigawa, who tweeted:

To those of you who can’t read Japanese, that says:

The requests of many was DLC is currently under production . Please look forward to follow-up. In addition, it is expected to deliver an update 1.04 to 5/25″

To those of you who can’t read Google Translate, we can expect a new update within a week, and the new DLC content is being worked on. Given that Sony won’t be exhibiting at Gamescom, it’s most likely we’ll see something relating to this at E3 2015.