Throwback Thursday: E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy


Today I’ll be using Throwback Thursday as an excuse to punt an oddball underdog that deserves more attention than it got. Let’s talk about E.Y.E.: Divine Cybermancy.

It’s a Source engine-powered title from 2011 which casts players as members of E.Y.E., an elite organisation in a dystopian, future version of Earth where humanity has found itself embroiled in intergalactic affairs. Getting yourself a job working for E.Y.E. means you’re fitted with cybernetic implants and trained in psionic abilities. It’s up to the organisation (and you) to defeat a hostile alien force bent on enslaving humanity, but to make matters worse, you’ve got to address factions within E.Y.E. and decide where your loyalties lie: not an easy task when it appears you have some form of cyber-amnesia.


The game proper is an FPS/RPG hybrid in the vein of System Shock and Deus Ex, complete with a cyberpunk fantasy setting. Players get the chance to choose their character’s configuration, fine-tune their abilities and decide upon their equipment, and the choices are surprisingly varied, almost to a fault. There’s a lot of tutorials to sift through in order to properly understand the game’s mechanics, but many of them are haphazardly constructed and leave the player wanting further explanation. Nonetheless, persistent players who aren’t afraid to experiment will discover a lot to love.

It’s a flawed and wonderfully convoluted game that offers the greatest rewards to those who stick with it and look past the dated engine. Get the goods at its official Steam page here and check out the original release trailer below.

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