Logitech’s Driving Force G29 is leaked, could be heading for a 2015 launch


I love Logitech’s racing wheels and I grew up with several of them on hand in my home. I saved up money once for the Driving Force Pro that I used on Gran Turismo 4 and I currently have a spare Driving Force EX as a temporary replacement while I figure out where to go from here. I’ve always held off from buying a new wheel on the off-chance that a PS4-compatible Driving Force wheel shows up, and that’s exactly what happened last weekend. Leaked images of the Driving Force G29 popped up online at several websites and the NeoGAF forums and I haven’t stopped staring at it since.

The pictures first surfaced on Maxconsole.com, along with a copy of a certificate of approval, written in what appears to be Russian. There’s nothing to determine a launch date for the G29, but sometime during 2015 would be a reasonable expectation – people, including myself, have been vexing for a decent yet affordable setup for the Playstation 4 for some time now.

The G29 seems to be a mixture of the Driving Force GT, with the plus and minus buttons traditionally used to set the traction control level as well as the LSD dialer located below the wheel’s center. Up top, Logitech has placed the Playstation buttons out of the way, but still within easy reach. You’ll notice that there’s the usual Share, Options and PS Guide buttons found on the PS4 controller, so that’s a definite answer to its compatibility with the console.

The wheel’s rim is clad in fake leather with breathing holes for your hands and it looks like the G27’s LED shifter lights have now been hidden in the plastic between the directional buttons and the Playstation buttons. The paddle shifts are still metallic with a brushed aluminium look, but the wheel’s center is made of a different material to the G27, possibly magnesium. Next to the G29 is also a box for the shifter, which means that these will be sold separately. Logically, this could mean that if you have custom shifters, handbrake levers and pedals for your G25 or G27 already, then these will work just fine with the G29.


How far away from launch are we? Well, probably only a month or two, if I’m right. This picture was taken by Speed Hunter’s Rebecca Martyn on their visit to Ghost Games recently, prior to the announcement of Electronic Arts and Ghost Games’ new venture, Need For Speed (the image has since been removed from this blog post). Underneath the desk in the middle of the picture is a G29 sitting in its box. On top of it, if you zoom in, is also the shifter for the G29, which seems to have a completely different design. Looking closely, there’s some steel with drilled holes in there, as well as what looks like a red button.

What makes me think the launch will be up soon is the removal of pictures of the G29 from another website, VirtualR.net. Considering that only the G29 has leaked, and the box it comes in has the words “Driving Force” on it (the G27 didn’t), we could be heading for a consolidation of the G-series with the old Driving Force lineup, and it could end up that Logitech’s sole steering wheel peripheral from 2015 onwards is the G29.

Source: Maxconsole, VirtualR, NeoGAF

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