FSP now makes notebook adapters with USB charging ports!


Notebook power adapters are notoriously irritating for a lot of people. They are bulky, they look bland, they only do one thing, and usually the power cable gets lost in your cupboard after a while and you have to go buy a new one. Then you later do the same for your cell phone chargers. The general trend today is towards devices that serve multiple needs that were previously only found in separate devices and it looks like that’s how things will be going soon in the market for notebook power adapters. Fortron Source Power Group (FSP), an OEM PSU manufacturer that makes notebook power adapters for brands like Dell, ASUS and Lenovo, will soon be selling new adapters that include charging ports for your USB devices via a USB 3.0 hub, so that you only have to lug one charger with you everywhere.

The adapters form part of FSP’s new NB-H series of aftermarket notebook adapters. These won’t necessarily be sold with notebooks in the consumer space, although there’s certainly a possibility that one of the notebook manufacturers will pick up on this later on (ASUS, maybe). There will be two models on offer – the NB-H 65 has a 65W rating and two USB 3.0 ports for charging and data, while the NB-H 110 has a 110W rating and three USB 3.0 ports available. These are the type of generic adapters people buy to replace the ones that came with their notebooks, so both models will come with an array of different charging leads to fit different notebook charger types.

FSP says these will be hitting the consumer market in October 2015. The NB-H 65 has a retail price of €54.99 (approx. R720) while the NB-H 110 will retail for €69.99 (approx. R920). Considering how much of a pain it is to lug USB wall chargers around, getting one of these might be completely justified. Unfortunately, each port is only rated for 1.0 Ampere at 5 Volts, so these ports are only slightly better than most wall chargers that are separately available. One hopes that FSP might bump up that rating to 2.0 Amperes for devices which support fast charging.

Source: TechpowerUp