G.Skill will host this year’s OC World Record Stage at Computex 2015


Overclocking is becoming an extremely competitive worldwide sport and this year’s OC World Record Stage and OC World Cup events, run during Computex 2015 week, will put contestants from across the globe against each other in a bid to see who comes out at the top. Out of the lineups for the two events, two South Africans have made it into the final rounds of the OC World Cup representing our country – they are Andrew “dRweEz” Roberts and Goddy “Vivi” Roodt.

This year, both events are being hosted by G.Skill, one of the world’s largests memory manufacturers and one of the most associated name brands for desktop memory when it comes to enthusiasts looking for a memory kit that performs well. Together with G.Skill are Intel, Samsung and Kingpin Cooling, who are all sponsoring hardware, or prize money, or both.

OC World Record Stage 2015

The OC World Record Stage will run in tandem with the OC World Cup in Taipei City, Taiwan, from 2 to 6 June 2015. Contestants in this event will be tasked with breaking benchmark records wherever they can, with the limitations being the use of a Core i7-5960X, G.Skill DDR4 memory and a X99 motherboard of their choice. Competitions like these tend to bring out some real surprises from the motherboard vendors, so it will be interesting to see if there’s any secret sauce that helps one or the other vendors to take the top spot.


It will be interesting to see where EVGA and MSI end up on the lineup here. Somehow, I can’t find the end results of which records were broken at the 2014 World Record Stage, but I can tell you that there were six of them. Which six? If your Google-fu is better than mine, please let me know in the comments below.

OC World Cup 2015

Returning for a second time, G.Skill’s Annual OC World Cup 2015 will put contestants from six countries together to compete for a slice of the prize pool valued at $16,200 in cash. The six contestants are Dancop, dRweEz, Hazzan, Vivi, Lam@Capital and Xtreme Addict, all of whom will participate in a Finals qualifying round over the course of three days. The two top-scoring contestants will advance into the Final, where they will compete against each other for the top spot, netting themselves the $10,000 grand prize.


2014’s World Cup saw USA-based Allen “Splave” Golibersuch taking the top spot and the grand prize. To win, Splave overclocked a set of G.Skill Trident DDR3-2666MHz memory to 2096.3MHz (4.2GHz effective), set a SuperPi 32M 5G run of 5 minutes, 57.812 seconds, and achieved a 3DMark FireStrike score with a single GPU of 10,100 points. This year’s competition could heat up just as quickly and I’d personally love to see a 1-2 finish from Andrew and Vivi. Go South Africa!

Source: TechpowerUp