Going to EGE 2015? Take this with you

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After years of missing out on sweet rAge goodness, Cape Town will finally be hosting its own gaming event in the form of the Electronics & Gaming Expo (EGE, as it’s called). If you’re planning on checking out the event, then hit the jump for more information on attending exhibitors, eSports, and what to expect in general.

Tabletop games and cosplay

I covered a lot of tabletop gaming news leading up to rAge 2014. According to the folks over at Boardgames.co.za, EGE will see healthy support for tabletop fans and newcomers, with companies like Blowfish Entertainment, Skycastle, and The Battle Bunker exhibiting. Boardgames.co.za recently became the exclusive distributors for Modiphius Entertainment’s games, so we may even see demos for the upcoming Thunderbirds board game.

Otherwise, at rAge 2014 a campaign called “Unplug Yourself” was launched to invigorate the local tabletop industry. Unplug Yourself will also be campaigning at EGE with demos and tournaments to attract new fans.

Cosplay is also confirmed, including competitions and seminars, but no other details are available yet. If you’ve got a Sailor Moon outfit you’ve been dying to try out, just wear it when you go. You’ll fit right in.


Given that you’re reading an article about a video game convention, on a video game website, while probably wearing video game-themed underwear (I have StarCraft boxers on right now), it’s probably safe to assume that this is what you’ll be most interested in at EGE 2015. Exhibitors confirmed so far include Ster Kinekor Entertainment (i.e. PlayStation), LEGO, and Make Games SA for the local indie development crowd.


Beyond the list of exhibitor names, there isn’t much concrete to go on. Ster Kinekor is the local distributor for some big publishers like Capcom, Bethesda, and Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment, and you can expect Mortal Kombat X to show face.


A host of technology companies have been confirmed as exhibitors. Under the Frontosa banner, we can expect to see Western Digital, Corsair, D-Link, GIGABYTE, ADATA, Logitech, Samsung, Microsoft, and several others. Several teaching institutions will be there as well, including Learn 3D, The Animation School, and Friends of Design. I’m lumping them under the “tech” banner because I didn’t feel like making another subheading.


eSports is getting a good deal of attention at EGE, and all the events are largely managed and streamed by Zombiegamer, Clan Connection, and Orena.

EGE eSports

The only odd thing about EGE’s eSport’s offerings is the lack of all things MOBA and RTS. Instead you’ll find Counter-Strike: GO (PC), COD: Advanced Warfare (PS4 and XBO), Mortal Kombat X (PS4), FIFA 15 (360), and Project CARS (XBO). Click on those links if you’re interested in times, prizes and registering for the tournaments.

On a less seriously competitive note, there will be a Guitar Hero high-score tournament on stage on the 29th. No prizes have been announced yet, but if you’ve ever wanted to play GH on stage, here’s your shot.

The essentials

I just realised you’ve read this entire article without knowing the dates and times. You silly thing, why didn’t you speak up sooner?

EGE 2015 will take place across the 29th, 30th, and 31st of May, at the Cape Town International Convention Center (Google maps link). Doors open at 12:00 on Friday, 10:00 on Saturday and Sunday, and close at 19:00 on Friday and Saturday, and 16:00 on Sunday. Day tickets are R80, weekend passes are R150, and both are available either at the door or slightly cheaper via Computicket.

Website: Electronics & Gaming Expo